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Originally Posted by grelbfarlk View Post
Well how about this, same idea basically but make it Mini-PCI slot to use as a PCI-to-PCI bridge for future Amigas.

If or when the big box version of Vampire comes out, you could use the Mini-PCI slot to plug into the bridge slot of a Mediator. Then we get the benefits of full PCI speed to the Mediator slots instead of the slow PCI->Zorro way it is now. Then we get fast-ish access to Voodoo or Radeon RAM or PCI HDD controllers or you know any of what we thought would be fast on Mediator but isn't really at all, fast that is.
Thank you,
the reason I started the thread is keep `sensible` ideas flowing.

Again there is a wealth of Mini-PCI laptop network cards and other bits that are landfill nowadays.
The reason I signed up with the forum(After lurking many YEARS) is that the technology is already to go with some FPGA and that the PHYSICAL size or `Real Estate` the Mini-PCIE slot will consume on the PCB is as small as possible with the MAXIMUM potential.

Originally Posted by Pat the Cat View Post
It translates for man-years of coding effort. By which time there is no guarantee there will be a glut of Mini PCI-E cards.
I have worked that last 11 years in a company selling HP Servers/PC/Laptop/Procurve networking kit
In that time Ive seen the move from big 300GB 3.5" U320 SCSI hard drives to 2TB 2.5" SAS(Serial attached SCSI) hard drives
Dual Core to 22 Core CPU
Big Tower to Mini Tower to Small FormFactor Smaller again and then the little boxes that fit on the back of your monitor (NUC i guess)
The Trend is to build smaller with the same or more power.
The NUC boxes have Mini-PCIE same as do the Laptops its the way of the future
We still have boxes of brand new DDR100 ram in our old/out of stock stuff!
There will be alls sorts of things still available in 10 years that is PCI-E

Originally Posted by kev View Post
yeah those been out forever they are just a over glorified pci-e powered riser it just converts a mini-pcie to a electrically compatible pci-e x1 slot yes u can use a x16 card in a 1x and any other, card will just run only at that pci-e speed its on so really that device is a marketing scam as it would suck at gaming only real use is adding extra monitors or scientific studies that dont need high pci-e speed
Are you missing the point?
Yes its a converter for a mini-PCIE slot to a X16 PCIE slot. Thats is the POINT as grelbfarlk mentioned its a BREAKOUT BOX/BRIDGE that is already out there in the wild that the Apollo/Vampire team DONT need to build.
The many Utube videos show that it is a proven technology that WORKS (on most laptops apparently)
Am I going to get the same performance as on my PC in GTA V with one of these? of course not!
The 68080 is awesome but its not going to shovel data into a 290X like my 5820k can!
It does prove that you can operate these cards on 1 PCI-E lane, THATS all Im asking for 1 single PCI-E lane

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I read threads like this and seriously ask myself if I am really an "Amiga user", by the things said in here and similar threads, it seems I am not, despite me using one regularly, plenty and making stuff with and for it.

PCI-E? Getting online? Graphic cards? None of that has any place in my Amiga usage.
Im not knocking you for still using the Amiga for what it was intended

The Amiga wasnt going to be quite so Amiga when they make the move to the Hombre chipset being RISC not 68K but something improved.

The Vampire builds on the 68K Amiga leaps and bounds
The PCMCIA ports initialy put into the Amiga were a forethought to cheap PC compatable parts being usable only its wasnt the full spec as it wasnt widely supported/decided on then and limited the amount of things you can play/tinker with now.

Mini-PCIE has been decided on, approved, and shipped on THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of PC`s all over the world.

Fitting that 1 port is a little forsight that could open many doors.
PIC-E to 4x PCI Busboard perhaps?
maybe a 128GB PCI-E SSD?

Getting something working sooner rather than later is always better, when the BOM allows this to be affordable and implemented the better.
Watching Terriblefires videos over the last months shows that there are tinkerers active all over who spend thier OWN money to figure things out for themselves and share.

With a port available someone is going to tinker, they always have
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