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Xbox One gamepads and Xbox 360 gamepads as one combined controller entity in WinUAE

I recently found out that my Xbox One gamepads had to be mapped in each and every config-file I have for my games in WinUAE, even though they are previously mapped to my Xbox 360 gamepads. It seems like the Xbox One gamepads and Xbox 360 gamepads are registered as separate entities in the Input settings of WinUAE.

Is there any way to somehow make all xinput devices (Xbox One / Xbox 360 gamepads) viewed as the same entity in the Input menu in WinUAE? If that's not the case, I would personally love having an option to combine those controllers as a single entity in the Input menu, maybe even by clicking a checkbox for enabling doing so.

(Btw, I have to use the -norawhid launch-command to get the Xbox One controllers to work in WinUAE 3.4.0 as of now).
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