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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
We need to get more Amiga users online one way or another (preferably without emulation) to invigorate the community. Another option is adding USB and using those cheap little wireless USB adapters. USB would be handy for other things too but the fastest way to add it would be with a USB chip which adds cost (not just the chip but larger board and layout).
Subtle difference between getting "Amiga users" and "Amigas" online.

I think the SPI ports in Wicher and now TerribleFire accelerators are a big help. Likewise very cheap networking cards available now, difference is there are open source C code examples to base Amiga drivers on. Plipbox does add a network capability to an A500, but some folks want to use the parallel port for other things like AMAS MP3 decoders or whatever.

I doubt a PCI-X GFX card attached to such a port is going to outrun an Indivision (it might not even outrun a basic Amiga) but I think adding ports options, and perhaps case options, might be a more innovative way to progress. USB I am not so fond of, but obviously many people do want.

It makes the Classic machines more attractive for tinkerers and innovators. Not that the Amiga ever had a shortage of such people, but "Those who would build castles in the air must keep their feet on the ground".

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