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Thanks! I managed to get somewhere with this but not all the way yet. I have some problems but doing these steps has gotten me quite close:

1. In WinUae set serial port to TCP:// with none of the checkmarks below the drop down box. Save the WinUAE configuration and quit WinUAE, add the following to the configuration file manually: serial_translate=crlf_cr

2. Create the file DEVS:MountList with following content

Handler = L:Aux-Handler
Stacksize = 1000
Priority = 5
3. Open shell and write (I added these two commands to S:user-startup)

mount aux:
newshell aux:
4. In Putty, create a Telnet connection to Uncheck Connection / Telnet / Return key sends Telnet New Line instead of ^M

The problem I'm having is that I need to press ENTER twice after connecting with Putty before I can enter commands and pressing up-arrow will not show latest commands, instead it will show gibberish characters (don't know if the command history is possible to fix). I would also like to know how to execute commands from command line so I can create a batch file that can be run from pressing F5 in Notepad++.
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