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Originally Posted by mia View Post
Hi ross, have you really got the copper driving the audio? what sample rate can you get? one voice is fine, do you have any more info on this? thanks. I've been using the Vbl to send quantums of audio to paula, getting realtime waveforms, but using the dma to actually play the sample - streaming the memory basically, but this sounds much better...
Yes, the simplest test is with a write in AUDxDAT per line (ok ok and INTRQ ).
This give You a frequency of (3546895/227*2)Hz -> 31,250KHz in PAL machine.
You can use more sample per line, but warning!, if You use <64 periods -> >55,420 kHz the PWM volume cycle is broken (You have to use vol=64).
[Toni you can confirm this?]

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