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Originally Posted by Juz400 View Post
Hi, First post here
Welcome to the forum, Justin.

Originally Posted by Juz400 View Post
I think everybody will be missing a wonderful shortcut by not including a Mini PCIE slot


Adding just the one mini PCIE port opens Apollo to a wealth of Cheap throw away graphics cards nobody wants in their PC anymore!!!

PCIe and PCIe mini require a more expensive FPGA with SerDes.

Then there is the issue of increased power consumption support which adds more cost. The idea was to make the accelerator cards affordable upgrades for the masses. The Vampire accelerator HDMI with SAGA is already a big boost in gfx features and performance with little added cost. I wish my other "cheap" suggestion of ethernet could have been added to get more Amiga people online also. It would make more sense for an FPGA standalone board to add features. The more expensive FPGA with SerDes (roughly twice as expensive) and PCIe would make more sense there.

Disclosure: I was part of the Apollo group some people called a team.

Originally Posted by Juz400 View Post
All those powerful video codecs are in the hardware ready to use, along with all that graphics power
Would we not have a 3rd Bank of RAM to build/decompress our graphics into making the precious 128MB of Apollo RAM go much further
The Apollo core would not need to break a sweat and its own compute performance be more focused
I have a Mediator+Voodoo4 with my Amiga and it does add some awesome features and performance even with this old '90s gfx card and through the slow bus.
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