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Please Apollo team, a Mini PCIE slot is a MUST have for future Vampire

Hi, First post here

I think everybody will be missing a wonderful shortcut by not including a Mini PCIE slot

Someone else has done alot of the work already without even thinking of us!
I found this by accident on youtube today (10Mar17) its from 10Aug 2014!!

The Beast External Graphics card adaptor
It basically turns the mini PCIE slot inside a laptop usually used for a WiFi card into an external X16 PCIE Graphics card slot

[ Show youtube player ]
Version 8.4d 31Oct 2016
[ Show youtube player ]

Actual Source

Adding just the one mini PCIE port opens Apollo to a wealth of Cheap throw away graphics cards nobody wants in thier PC anymore!!!

The adaptor is around (£$E)50 and just look at whats available for peanuts on ebay

All those powefull video codecs are in the hardware ready to use, along with all that graphics power
Would we not have a 3rd Bank of RAM to build/decompress our graphics into making the precious 128MB of Apollo RAM go much further
The Apollo core would not need to break a sweat and its own compute performance be more focused

I have a fairly powerful PC (5820k with 290X) in 3Dmark Firestrike benchmark the GRAPHICS score did not go up much at all from a Xeon 5470 clocked at 4.2Ghz with the same 290X
4 cpu cores verses 6 cores with hyperthreading
The graphics card still has the same compute power no matter what CPU is running it.
Just the data flow between the CPU and GPU make the difference.

The Hardware is already just at our fingertips just that extra port could allow people to experiment with driving these little powerhouses.
Still embracing the Past (well the PC`s past) but rapidly moving Apollo/Amiga forward

Thanks for reading, Justin
Opinions Please!!!
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