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Mysterious problem using OS4.1 Final in WinUAE 3.4.0

Hi everybody!

Out of curiosity I bought and installed the final version of OS4.1 using WinUAE.

I installed the OS and after that installed the last Update (December 2016).

I'm using the uaegfx monitor driver of a former OS3.9 installation to have a nice 1920 x 180 resolution.

Worked fine so far. Than I began to struggle about the 128 MB RAM (Cyberstorm PPC Accelerator board memory). Fortunately I read here in a thread that now you only have to add the following line to the startup-sequence to use Z3-RAM:
C:BootLoader COMMANDLINE="NoRamPager"
I opened the startup-sequence with CubicIDE which I already had installed and added the COMMANDLINE="NoRamPager" parameter to the C:Bootloader command which was already there.

Now the mystery begins:
After a reboot the System isn't loading properly anymore.
During booting a 640x256 AmigaDOS CLI window appears displaying errors:
Kickstart: Unknown command
ASSIGN: Can't find ">NIL:"
CD: Wrong number of arguments
And an error requester:
Please insert volume 
in any drive

Process: 6 Path
Then the Workbench is loaded in a 4 color 640x256 window. And according to the screen title the Z3-RAM is there;-)

Because of the errors I reverted the startup-sequence to its original state by removing the COMMANDLINE="NoRamPager" from the C:BootLoader command.

But the errors appear nevertheless.

I've changed one line..then changed it back. And nothing is running anymore..I'm quite clueless now.

My startup-sequence is attached.

Does anybody maybe have an idea what can be happened or what destroyed my configuration?
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