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OK, try this. Open the Deja Vu executable (63296 bytes long) with a binary file editor such as Hex.

Search for the byte sequence 00000000014000C8. You should find four occurrences of that, at offsets $E710, $E730, $E750, and $E780.

The first two are for screen dimensions. If you change the 00C8 (which is 200 decimal) to 0100, hopefully the game will work but open a full-height PAL screen.

The second two are relating to window (initial) sizes. You could try changing those 00C8 to 0100 too, but it's possible the game might have problems with that.

There are a couple of other places where the maximum size of a window is defined (search again for 014000C8). You could try changing those to 01400100 too, but again it's possible the game may not like it if you size a window larger than it was designed for.

And there are other places where window initial positions are defined, that you could change to make use of the extra space. But I won't bother writing about those until you've tried the changes above and it's all working OK.
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