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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Another subtlety that I'd forgotten about until I saw Daedalus's post in the detect-CD32-controller-from-Blitz thread - as bits are shifted out, they're replaced with zeroes - so you should shift out the seven buttons, a single '1', then zeroes until the shifting has finished.
Ok thanks! I have this accounted for in my code now. The shift register on the CD32 pad has the serial input connected to ground (multiple shift registers can be chained). When "shifting" more bits than eight before resetting with the latch will result in zeroes shifted out.

Originally Posted by papa_november View Post
Have you checked out this thread?? You may want to change the shape of the D-pad contacts for better performance.

Also, how is the d-pad itself on that SNES clone controller? Lots of cheap d-pads lack the center nub on the bottom that stops all four directions from being pressed at once, or implement it so poorly it might as well not be there.
Thanks, good spotting! I will change the D-pad contacts accordingly, they are a bit sensitive now when you mention it. The DPAD on the SNES gamepad clones can be pressed down in the center so all directions are pressed, but this hasn't been a problemfor me (I use the usb gamepads on my PC also). It would of course be good to do something about this... Maybe there is a good way of modding the DPAD...
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