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Yes, it's probably wrong (changed). It doesn't matter if the program has a default icon for def icons or if I'm using deficons in the wbstartup. The problem is just that the icon dissapears iconifying it when ModExplorer is running (using RTG, internet, Hollywood and MUI Royale).

The problem persists using Workbench or Scalos instead of DOpus5. Using DOpus5 I've tried with "Icons- Reset" too.

In fact I've tried everything you can imagine, but I can not find where the problem is.

I've tried several things:

- It doesn't happen using AGA (so almost sure no patch in the s-s or user-startup).
- It happens the same disabling WBStartup, so nothing in the WBStartup.

As I've tried all I can think of, I would like someone else to try if possible on AKReal.

But also, there is the possibility that it's something on WinUAE as the author reports.

Edit: So, if someone can try AKReal 8.8 with a Vampire for example on Saga mode they could report about iconifying ModExplorer if they've got an internet connection.

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