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I'm from that era, but I don't consider myself old, and I don't participate in conversations about being old. It hurts the mind, and causes stagnation. Trash (TRS) 80's were fun also but not as cool as the C64/128 and later T-h-e A-m-i-g-a. The first crack I did for the Commodore 64 was a real High, better than any drug...and the adventures continued. Back when we talked more face to face than Facebook (Bleeech...).

Anyway, good to see Galahad around also. Absolutely adored FLT! Heh, I remember the moment I read "When dreams come true." after many times and thought, WOW, I've had a lot of FLT moments with the Amiga and Commodore 64 along with friends....and I don't mean only playing games or cr-ing them.
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