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Originally Posted by emufan View Post
i had some problems with anims larger than ram size. i wrote down some wavetracer guide[/URL].
using you can play those big anims from harddrive.
there is also a to a java based peecee application, which is the successor of wavetracer.
Unfortunately biganim doesn't work on my system - it crashes in the RAM handler when starting to play.

For the sfxanim I started to write my own little tool that adds the sound data to the anim file. Regarding the play speed I have solved the mystery. If AnimFX plays frames from the accelerator card's RAM it's fast enough, if it plays it from the Zorro RAM card's memory it's too slow with Anim7L @25 FPS. I also tried it without the Zorro RAM, but AnimFX only pre-loads frames, and once loaded it plays to the end of the loaded frames. Then it loads again as many frames as possible (which makes the video stop for some time) ... I guess biganim buffers the data in a smarter way ...
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