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I deny to turn this project into a "lame bat hitting an EAB ball or an EAB head or whatever". I am ambitious about the projects I do and I won't waste my time doing shite. Starting simple doiesn't mean starting shitty. If I start a shitty project I get bored of it. The challenge of a big difficult project is what gets me going, unlike most people who preffer sticking to simple things.

The idea of "start simple, think big!", which everyone seems to agree on (me included), is one of the reasons why porting a game would be a good starter. If we pick a simple enough game (like Magical Drop), it'll be easy to catch up on the skills of each individual and all of us as a group. We forget about getting the GFX right, getting the sound right, and the feel right. It's all defined already, we just have to make a product as faithful to the original as possible, and mission accomplished: we have finished a game project, we have individually developed our skills and we have worked as a team.

If everybody is so against a port, we'll make the game for ourselves only and enjoy it in the privacy of our Amigas, never spreading it anywhere since, it seems, it's a " waste of time" for the community who loves to play Duke Nukem 3D at 3 FPS on an 040. and they have to PAy for it. Fer foks sake.

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