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Originally posted by Dastardly
I think the reason original games are rare these days is just pure laziness.
Nope, the reason is because very very few publishers will take the risk on an original product. If you do a sequel or a licence, then no problem. A licence or a sequel has something identifiable for the punter, so it is foolishly believed that it will sell enough units no matter how good it is. It's a huge problem at the moment. Independent developers are dieing off because publishers won't risk their products. Creative Assembly and Hotgen have just died, Core Design will probably die now because they have been dropped by Eidos for the Tomb Raider games, Crawfish died, Kaboom studios struggled, Argonauts have recently lost publishers for three of their games. It's going mental. If something is not done soon then there will be no real game industry in the UK.
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