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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
btw MPEG1 encoding was 8 times slower than encoding h264 and it is lower quality...
MPEG-1 is an old standard which is not too heavy, offers moderate compression, has good audio quality (mp3 is MPEG-1 layer 3), is widely supported and doesn't have many legal liabilities. H.264 is the industry standard today with high compression and good quality but has legal hurdles. Ogg Theora has similar performance without the legal issues and is gaining support, especially on the internet.

Amiga users don't have as many options for video. MPEG-1 videos are small enough to reduce disk loading bandwidth requirements while being light enough for older CPUs. There are older codecs like Cinepak and Sorenson (can be in AVI or QT files and played with the fast MooVID/Action) for even slower CPUs (but needing higher disk bandwidth and more storage space). The following link shows an AVI being played in HAM8 mode.

[ Show youtube player ]

HAM8 offers some compression itself with a kind of hardware decompression on AGA machines but long videos made of HAM8 frames are going to be excessively large and impractical.
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