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Thumbs up Akira has the right idea!

I disagree with anybody that thinks remaking an old game is wasting their time and resources.

If that was the case, why is Galahad converting "Super Sprint" from the Atari ST to the Amiga? I for one hope that his project gets finished as I would like to see this game on the Amiga.

As some others have said, you have to start somewhere! There are lots of Tetris games in the public domain - what some people here are saying is that the authors wasted their time writing them. I would argue that the people that wrote were probably learning to program and wanted to start with an established game idea and something quite small. While learning to program you almost always start by copying an established idea until you learn the ins and outs of the language. And as a bonus of learning, the Amiga will get a new old classic!

By remaking an old classic game you have the headstart of not having to create all the graphics and levels and lets you concentrate on getting the game right and learning to code. Once you have that under control you can move onto your own unique game.

If the Sonic engine turned out really well written you could easily add new features to it and modify the graphics/design to make a new game yourself, or add more levels.

I love games like Rodland and I would love to see a similar game with different levels and enemies. In fact the arcade version itself has an additional 32 levels if you press some key combination before pressing the Start button. I wouldn't see it as a waste of resources if somebody decided to redo Rodland with new levels.

Originally posted by IFW
My point is copying a game is pointless, it might be interesting strictly as a geek project (for a few dozen people at most, but not the end-users), you might raise some wows, but your work worth of years is wasted as pretty much everyone just deletes the game after having seen what it is.
I would argue this point aswell - if I loaded up a game that I do not like (I hate RPG type games so let's pick on Abandoned Places 2 - I've never played it incidentally) I would most likely play it for a few seconds and think "yawnsville" and delete it so what is the difference? If it's a good game, you will play it whether it's old or new.

I will end with the words of a famous Chinese furniture removal van driver: "An old game you have never played is still new to you".

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