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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The new version of RiVA can play most 320x240 25fps mpeg videos at full speed on my 68060@75MHz.

MPEG videos are much smaller than HAM8 videos.
Hope some day Amiga will be able to play files like this:

btw MPEG1 encoding was 8 times slower than encoding h264 and it is lower quality...
All above files are encoded to be playable from floppy with hardware interface so overall bitrate not exceed 250kbps (so you can create megafloppy mountlist and use some floppy emulator) but quality is very high especially in case of h.264.
File INNA-SayItWithYourBody-ExclusiveOnlineVideo_ycgco_h264_.mkv is converted to 12.5fps (with motion compensation).
All files have applied antialiasing to improve quality.
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