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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Most important: fastest CPU with large caches, fast RAM (=DDR4, dual channel or better). Emulators want as fast as possible CPU with as much as possible memory bandwidth. I'd recommend at least i5. There is also good chance that soon to be released Ryzen AMD CPU has good single core performance too..

Modern CPU built-in GPU is more than enough.

SSD is not required by recommended, 120G or so SSD should have more than enough space and they aren't expensive anymore.
(Hi Tony, its a long time we are not on the same "room".)

I have just purchased a system with I3-7350K and DDR4 3000.
It has the highest passmark rate for a single core and it is overclockable. I'll test it when components will be here.

The only "undersized" part is cache. I have a question: from you experience, which is the difference beetween a 40MB cache processor, a 20, an 8 and a 3MB one ?

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