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Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Brilliant! I edited the thread title for you, so you don't have to fence off questions. :-)
Perfect thanks. I hope I'm not breaking some forum rule by selling a few boards (?)

Originally Posted by esel View Post
great ! will you release the design ?
I just need to recoup some costs, cos I made a few duds before it actually worked And this'll fund my next thing, whatever that is (ideas?). Then I'll release the Rev B Eagle files in a few months.

So, if you want a rev B board (includes gary adapter, which you can cut out):

AUD$15 per board (this is around €10,70 euro) by Paypal 'friends & family' payment. Postage is at your risk, unless you want to pay for tracking.

Australia Postage:
AUD$1.00 for small letter - 1 board only (one stamp).
AUD$2.40 for "large letter post" (two stamps) + small cardboard 20mm box.
Add 50c for a priority label.
AUD$7.60 for a parcel - probably over-kill, but it's your option.

International Postage:
AUD$2.95 for letter post (in an envelope, taped to a postcard).
AUD$8.00 for large letter (in a bubble bag).
If you prefer a parcel, let me know, but it's a lot more expensive.

PM with your country and I'll give you details. If you send me an extra $1 I'll include the capacitors (tell me how many you want).

In summary, what you can do with this board is:
- 512K for A500, this can be CHIP or SLOW depending on Agnus. See post #1.
- Real time clock with coin cell battery, see post #14.
- 2MB for A500 with gary adapter, adds 0.5chip + 1.5slow. See post #53.
- 1MB additional chip RAM for A500+, see post #47.
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