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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
i actually did, however it simply only displays the first frame. also i have not been able to make it act according to tooltypes. i need to look if the latter is a more general issue, however im not sure how to debug the previous one without some debug output, especially that debug builds are currently broken on aros68k. unfortunatelly im even less familiar with asm and winuae debugger than with c. all i ve been able to catch was strangely that:
I don't see where your debug output gives a reason for the exception/trap. The current PC is 0x00fe6c3c and current instruction looks like 0x60d6 which is showing as a BT.B (B<cc> with Branch True?). The 0x60d6 in binary is 0110000011010110. The first 0110 tells us this is a branch. The next 0000 tells us the condition for the branch which is a BRA (BRanch Always). The last 11010110 is the displacement which looks valid. This looks like a valid and common BRA.B to me. I don't know what is going on with the exception and instruction disassembly. I heard a famous UAE quote once which went something like "turn JIT off and try it".

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Is there any setting I could try to run RiVa with RTG and Picasso in windowed mode?

I say so because the update doesn't work here.
There is only one current way I know of to get a window instead of screen and that is with DISPLAY=PIP and FULLPIP settings. This requires your gfx card to have PIP support (Picasso IV, Voodoo 3 and Voodoo 4 but maybe more). PIP provides fast hardware scaling of the display meaning RiVA does not have to. RiVA could probably be enhanced to open a window the size of the video resolution but resizing it would not work without adding some kind of software size scaling (not scaling or fast double/half scaling would be fast and better than no window mode). A window mode would likely be slower to begin with and any kind of scaling would be slower yet but it would be a nice feature on faster Amigas.
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