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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Actually, I check in almost everyday even when you were not present for 6+ years.
Good on you; shall I send you some golden star stickers?

The question was; before having a go at me, saying that I don't do anything useful / help others, or bother to learn how to code etc, what are you doing to support the Amiga community???

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Training and cracking isn't contributing? Neither is finding this thread's bug and attempting to fix it I suppose by your logic. I have filed WinUAE bugs too.

That's great you are being a great support person and help others by making all kinds of disk images and archives, but those things help people with lesser skills than coders. I can guarantee you that modifying startup-sequence and making packs is far less time consuming than coding.
Oh apologies, I'm just using what skills I have... and it may possibly assist other people who aren't as "elite" as you claim to be...

We'll leave all the important "super coder" stuff to you then shall we (which is quit ironic since 2 other people patched the problem you reported instead of you doing this yourself)...

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