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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
FYI over the past year or so after coming back from being AWOL for 6+ years I've been trying to become more proficient with AmigaDOS and have created some cool .ADFs / HDFs / LHAs... not that you would know as you're not around often enough.
Actually, I check in almost everyday even when you were not present for 6+ years.

I also do a lot for the EAB community behind the scenes as well as moderating all sections / threads on a daily basis... What are you doing to contribute; how often do you test new WinUAE builds, contribute somehow to new games, etc???
Training and cracking isn't contributing? Neither is finding this thread's bug and attempting to fix it I suppose by your logic. I have filed WinUAE bugs too.

That's great you are being a great support person and help others by making all kinds of disk images and archives, but those things help people with lesser skills than coders. I can guarantee you that modifying startup-sequence and making packs is far less time consuming than coding.
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