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Originally Posted by MikeyG View Post
I read this thread early Friday morning before I went to work. (IT Technician in a school)
It was interesting following how prowler was over time fixing sector by sector.
When I got to work, very spooky coincidence. Someone came to me holding 2 floppy disks asking if I could possibly try and restore the data on them. It has been years since staff have used floppies so of all the days for this to happen it was amazing.
If it wasn't for this thread and your interesting journey prowler I would of probably just said to bin them, but you inspired me to have a go and try and after some research I was partially successful. Disk1 70% recovered and disk2 98% and a very happy and surprised owner.
Thanks Prowler! ;-)
Thanks for your feedback, Mikey.

I always try to convey what's been happening when I post about disk recoveries I have attempted, in order to help others who might wish to have a go themselves. It took me a fair while to gather the necessary equipment and learn about the filesystems, but this disk has no filesystem, so it doesn't conform to the normal rules, and the only method which works is trial and error.

You don't say whether the disks you were working on were for the Amiga or some other system, but in any case you will always be very welcome to post any questions you might have concerning those disks or any others in our forums. Any platform and filesystem is interesting when you're talking about disk recovery.

Thanks for joining up, and I hope to see you back here on EAB again soon.
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