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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
What would be cooler is if you could learn assembly and work on all these issues yourself so that other people don't have to do anything
Yeah nice comment; appreciated

That's really annoyed me... TBH I don't really care if you make the change or not...

FYI over the past year or so after coming back from being AWOL for 6+ years I've been trying to become more proficient with AmigaDOS and have created some cool .ADFs / HDFs / LHAs... not that you would know as you're not around often enough.

I also do a lot for the EAB community behind the scenes as well as moderating all sections / threads on a daily basis... What are you doing to contribute; how often do you test new WinUAE builds, contribute somehow to new games, etc???

Thing is; I'm hardly going to start learning how to code ASM, C, <whatever>. That's way beyond my skillset plus available free time and so have no problem admitting it.

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