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Like to thank Prowler & Clenched for all the great work in restoring this game!
I remember playing the demo of this back in the day.
Enjoy playing it and makes it even more special knowing that it was nearly lost.

I read this thread early Friday morning before I went to work. (IT Technician in a school)
It was interesting following how prowler was over time fixing sector by sector.
When I got to work, very spooky coincidence. Someone came to me holding 2 floppy disks asking if I could possibly try and restore the data on them. It has been years since staff have used floppies so of all the days for this to happen it was amazing.
If it wasn't for this thread and your interesting journey prowler I would of probably just said to bin them, but you inspired me to have a go and try and after some research I was partially successful. Disk1 70% recovered and disk2 98% and a very happy and surprised owner.
Thanks Prowler! ;-)
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