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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
IMO, considering AROS is on topic and relevant when other options are limited. Posters just need to chill in the AROS vs AmigaOS debate. AROS is important because it makes AmigaOS less relevant and less valuable every day. When AmigaOS is practically worthless because of AROS upgrades and features making it not worth porting to another CPU architecture, PPC CPU availability stops, Hyperion fails to add enhancements while maintaining compatibility without running out of money again or AmigaOS 4 hardware doesn't sell well enough with reduced features and insane prices, then it will be much easier to open. They need all the planets aligned to continue and we can see the planets moving apart. The question isn't if they will fail but when they will fail with their current game plan. Their arrogance will leave little sympathy and support from the larger 68k Amiga market they ignored.
Yes, some AROS is relevant to the original topic, I see AROS as one answer to the question.
But some of the AROS can't run XYZ app couple be in an AROS specific subforum.
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