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Hmpf. If I am only to make an original concept I would not start this at all. Which *original* games you see today on all platforms? Barely none. Games as innovative as Lemmings do not appear anymore and that's a fact.

So what's the difference if I, for example, like Sonic, and decide to do a fast-paced platformer like it? I already stole the idea, even if it looks completely different (read: Mr. Nutz). I like Puyo Puyo, and I decide to " base" a game on it. Ripoff already. As soon as a game "inspires" me, I'm ripping off its idea.

By your opinion, the only game worth releasing is an original game, the rest is shite. As you may see, the software business doesn't believe this and releases the same shit with different gfx over and over. I know I'm sick of that, but I rather rehash an almost dead genre like the 2D platformer or the graphic adventure, than release a doom wannabe, a redalert clone, or a tombraider "romp". I see shitloads of people who own Amigas buying this lame PC game port shit just to "support" the hardware.

I will repeat myself on this for the last time: The main idea is to gather a group of people and DO things. This was MY idea to start it up, and I still think it's good. If an original game concept comes out of all this, better yet. Though I think this won't be easy because, as I said, most of today's ideas go around the same basic principles set eons ago by classic games on 8 bit home computers. Which of today's popular games are innovative? You will find that most original games are not the popular ones, and they use to come for Japan. and you can count them with the fingers on your hands.
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