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Originally Posted by buggs View Post
Nice screenshot. I actually never tested on AROS.
i actually did, however it simply only displays the first frame. also i have not been able to make it act according to tooltypes. i need to look if the latter is a more general issue, however im not sure how to debug the previous one without some debug output, especially that debug builds are currently broken on aros68k. unfortunatelly im even less familiar with asm and winuae debugger than with c. all i ve been able to catch was strangely that:

  D0 00000000   D1 07030014   D2 003F0000   D3 00000000 
  D4 0703B970   D5 0703B740   D6 0703B930   D7 00000000 
  A0 070005A4   A1 07034BF0   A2 001FFFB8   A3 00000000 
  A4 00FE8A66   A5 0700056E   A6 070005A4   A7 001FFF9C 
USP  0703B33C ISP  001FFF9C SFC  00000000 DFC  00000000 
CACR 80008000 TC   00008000 ITT0 00000000 ITT1 00000000 
DTT0 00000000 DTT1 00000000 VBR  00C7E000 MSP  00000000 
MMUS 00000000 URP  0701B000 SRP  0701B000 
T=00 S=1 M=0 X=0 N=0 Z=0 V=0 C=0 IMASK=0 STP=1
00FE6C3C 60d6                     BT .B #$ffffffd6 == $00fe6c14 (T)
Next PC: 00fe6c3e
 H 200
-1 00FE6C3C 60d6                     BT .B #$ffffffd6 == $00fe6c14 (T)
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