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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
I would expect only a few hundred Cloanto product sales a year. Even if it was in the low thousands it wouldn't make their Amiga intellectual property very valuable. It would be weak income even for one retired person.
I think you would be surprised. I see people who don't even need Amiga Forever buying it, and even "upgrading" it the following year.

People really, really like buying things.

The thing is, Cloanto could go on selling Amiga Forever even if AmigaOS was open-sourced, just as they are selling it now even though WinUAE is open source. And people would probably buy it because people like paying money for things with "Amiga" on them.

But even if you disregard Amiga Forever, Cloanto are selling Kickstart ROMs to people who who prefer buying EPROMs with home-made stickers with a copyright mark instead of EPROMs with home-made stickers without copyright marks.

People buy Cloanto's pre-installed compact flash cards because they can't be bothered to install their own cards, and because others can't sell pre-installed compact flash cards for fear of Cloanto.

And don't forget that each ACA500+ sold, each Vampire sold also includes a licence fee to Cloanto.

There is money in this, for sure.
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