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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
My point with the os 3..5/9 devs/consultants was that if they used AROS code themselves for their own work maybe they could be talked into being a bit more flexible with their own sources.
aros license is not viral and doesnt require forks to be open sourced, as for instance gpl is, for what i know. so i dont think there ia anything at hand to "talk" the developers into anything. besides i wouldnt think of talking them into anything as an appropriate measure. they have minds of their own.

for instance thor (and likely olaf) have their own vision, how to proceed with the eventual os development. there is a number of discussions mostlly on a1k where it came up. olaf has already released some of his minor updates to the roms with late hyperion release. admittedly they have been cosmetic. furthermore he reported to have cleaned the sources in order to have them correctly handled by unified build system and probably adopt to contemporary compilers. so there is some sort of progress albeit very slow. the question is, how far they will be allowed to go even if they wanted.
whats certain, thor doesnt believe in opening the sources to whom he considers incompetent public, and he may be right to certain extent.
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