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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
olaf barthel is a member here as well as on aorg, he has secured the sources after downfall of commodore and while future transitions. you can pm or mail him. thors still valid mail address is to be found with his mmu tools distributions on aminet. i cant think of anyone else who could give you valid detailed information. maybe h&p but they might not to respond to such questions. in general im not sure people will be giving away personal information to be openly posted on a forum. it has better chance if handled privately. but you can try.

btw, for all further aros68k questions or complains, should there be any, i have rediscovered what seems to be an apropriate thread, please post them there:
Yes, Olaf Barthel is certainly a good source of info. Ive enjoyed reading his posts particularly the one in the 3.1 leak-thread. He seems like s friendly and open guy who wouldnt mind sharing info.
By listing people and directions to where to find them we should be fine. Listing active e-mail here is of course not recommended for a lot of reasons (forum rules probably, spam-bots etc)
I did e-mail H&P some time ago but got no response.

My point with the os 3..5/9 devs/consultants was that if they used AROS code themselves for their own work maybe they could be talked into being a bit more flexible with their own sources.
As a start... Maybe there are some other forms of permissive license more suitable in this particular matter than plain open source..
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