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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
I wrote that the is translated. If you looked at any of the files included in the non-French releases, they have no content.

This is answered in the file.
Gotcha, so:

If you start Flashback from floppies, the program
does not play certain cutscenes in order to reduce
loading during the game.
f you wish, nevertheless to see them, press Ctrl+C during
the game, to disable this option. Press Ctrl+C again
will re-enable it.
If playing from hard disk, the option is deactivated from the start and
you will be entitled to all the scenes.
Installed to hard drive but couldn't see any difference in the intro or in the sequence before you are playing level 1... Guess it must start from level 1 onwards...

What would be cool is if you could hard code this to be turned on in the game so that the player doesn't have do anything
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