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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The question isn't if they will fail but when they will fail
according to our experience and logical induction i fear it is alas safe to say that it wont change anything when they fail. amiga code, licenses and ownership changed hands many times in the past but they never have been opened or handed over to community (however you would define it). instead they always ended up with another even more disastrous entity than the last one.

my prediction is that (except for what has been leaked) they will practically remain locked away forever. there is nothing to wait and hope for.

actually the situation reminds me of a classical psychoanalitycal syndrom of constant desire for something without reach. "i cant get no satisfaction" as its been quoted after lacan and stones. the attraction of the amiga os sources lies in their remoteness rather than the practical use and necessity to have them at disposal.
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