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Originally Posted by buggs View Post
This is actually a curious bug. (Told you there were real bugs in RiVA to be found, no pun intended ). It works with UAEGFX, it works on my A4k but it doesn't work on Apollo when using TrueColor (and your setup). I ported my cropping/centering code from SAGA YUV to the other P96 modes. This way, no video beyond the displayed area is rendered and sizes/offsets are implicitly corrected.
PIP, PIP with FULLPIP, HICOLOR and TRUECOLOR are all displaying correctly here with the new update (despite some resolutions being mildly clipped). Good job and thanks!

The performance is significantly better than RiVA v0.50 too. 320x240 mpegs went from 18-22fps to 21-29fps (NOSKIP, NOAUDIO, PIP FULLPIP) on my 68060@75MHz. Many 320x240 videos are recorded at 25fps giving full speed (no skip) playback. Audio only costs about 1fps more. I updated my post at the following link with the amazing 68060 performance results.

Originally Posted by buggs View Post
Best Mode ID choice is actually a sad topic with P96. Instead of returning a screenmode that fits the requested dimensions, you get a screen that is quite often smaller than what you asked for. A workaround would be to enumerate all screen modes and re-implement the BestModeID in a custom routine (on the TODO list without "urgency" marker).
I wonder if this smaller screen size than requested is a bug in the P96 BestModeIDA() patch on some P96 installations?

Originally Posted by buggs View Post
True. In this particular case, the data is of the forgetful kind. As there is no way to fit a video frame into the DCache of available 68k CPUs, Move16 really helps a little with performance.
Maybe you could add a MOVE16 CLI switch to turn on a function using the MOVE16 instruction if there is enough difference. It is not difficult to detect for a 68040 or 68060 either. I imagine it is very low priority though.
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