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Originally Posted by Mr.Flibble View Post
Wonderful, so the topic was about the best ways to open source the 3.x codebase, and it turns into an AROS slanging match, awesome.

I personally have zero interest in running AROS on my classic hardware, why? Because it's simply not Amiga OS, it's an alternative operating system.

How about moving the AROS stuff to another thread rather than trying to derail the topic into some sort of AROS PR exercise?

I don't think it get open source. Cloanto has gone through a lot of hoops to get it all under their umbrella. They make money on Amiga Forever and selling replacement kickstart roms and workbench disks. It wouldn't be worth the effort to open source it and loose more customers to the already open source Win-UAE and FS-UAE.

Only way I see itever happening; a community effort to buy Cloanto and then as the shareholder open sourcing everything. I don't think that would leave anything of Cloanto afterwards. But this will probably never happen.
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