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Winuae running 0s4.1 classic and Windows 10 network question

Ok so here is my scenario. I have a windows 10 machine running winuae 3.4.0 and amigaos 4.1 classic. I can connect to the internet on it if I use DHCP, but I'd like to be able to hard code one of my internal ip addresses to it. but when I do this I loose connectivity. When I switch it back to DHCP it works again. When I check the ip that it gets via DHCP it's actually a 10.x.x.x ip not a 172.16.1.x which is my internal network. So it's getting info from somewhere, but not from any of my direct servers.

I am using the 2065 network adapter in Mac mode. Also when I try to select network mode it always reverts back to mac mode.

One other piece to this I also have VM Workstation loaded on this machine. And no that's not where its getting it's 10.x.x.x ip. I checked that first.

Thanks for any help.
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