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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post

>Minuous use this "OS 3.1 clone" thing as a convenient lie to undermine and denigrate AROS's achievements.

"The goal of the AROS project is it to create an OS which: 1. Is as compatible as possible with AmigaOS 3.1" That quote is from . You are the only one who seems to think it is a lie and if it is the fault is with the author of that page, not me.
you knowingly guote (i dont think that you are so unintelligent, as not to understand this) a requirement as a restriction.

I didn't state that "something that works doesnt work", I have installed AROS x86, ran some of the included software and tried a couple of x86 AROS programs from Aminet, however as I mentioned there was/is not much there. Of course I did not try any 68K/PPC software as it would not work as it has no 68K or PPC emulation.
the subject here is amiga (68k) software.

not x86.

you have stated that the example 68k reaction application, you pointed to, is not working on aros upon you tried arosx86? is that right?

then you repeatedly said that you had enough experience with aros to make statements about it, even that i presented you with a well recognizable screenshot of your example application, running on aros68k in the meantime?

you are constantly playing dumb and trying to skew your own and others statements in order to at least make it look like you were right.

this isnt a discussion nor an opponent i like to invest my time into.
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