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Have managed to get BasiliskII for Windows to run under Wine and set it to use slirp and it has no problems downloading from local ftp or internet, no corruption of the files!

Have also run a patched version of Wine with specific tcp debug output and according to that, Wine does its networking correct. As seen here:

And we can pretty much rule out amiga os, since it happens in both OS 4.1 with Roadshow or MiamiDX and OS 3.9 with MiamiDX or Roadshow.

So, from my point of view, the problem is in WinUAE slirp, but it only gets triggered when running on Wine for Mac.

I have seen in your code on github that there is a ifdef With_Qemu_slirp in the file slirp_uae.cpp. Is it possible for you to compile WinUAE with that instead so I can test it?
And I'm guessing it can only be used for AmigaOS 4 and PPC?
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