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Top Gear 2 on Amiga 500.

Right, took delivery of an Amiga 500 and Top Gear 2 as I had it as a kid and wanted it back etc.

Now it has a 512K expansion card in the trapdoor, but will not run, as it needs 1meg.

I can't check the motherboard version as ONE screw is slightly shaved, unless I snip the metal I cannot check it.

I think it's the AGA version, but told the OCS/ECS version would run on 1 or 1.5meg?

I'm just stuck, annoyed and upset as I just wanted to play an old game from my childhood, what on earth can I do? I can buy things if needs be, I have seen a 1.5meg card with a garry adapter or something, but I am so confused.

I just want to the easiest way to play my games.

Also I have no idea of how I would obtain an OCS/ECS version, I thought there was just one..
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