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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
The additional requirement isn't big in comparison? You stated that AROS with its Workbench equivalent eats 6,5 MB of memory. That is more memory than I have in my A1200, 70 % of memory in my A600 and 90 % of memory in my A600 with PCMCIA enabled.
alright. you are using os3.9 on almost unexpanded amigas, then you probably dont need aros or any other improved os that might have been implemented. lets try to start from the other end: what is that you are not satisfied about or missing on your current 3.9 setups that makes you want amiga system (even if it was os3.1) to be open sourced? what are your demands toward such a potential improved system?

The OS4 Workbench is mostly identical functionality-wise to OS3.9 WB, and last time I used Ambient, it lagged behind both 3.9 and 4.0.
i believe you, actually i know os4, except im sure both os4 and morphos users would discuss that.

Your impression of Workbench 3.9 as a cosmetic update says a lot. AFAIK there isn't much code in common between WB 3.1 and WB 3.9.
so what? its an user opinion. after purchasing 3.9 and even os4 i wondered how few improvements were there in comparison to the huge version jump. 3.9 might actually serve as 3.2 imho, not even taking into acconut that it was a rather loose bag of contribs, most of them available for os3.1 in one or other form. for the record, im still actively using 3.9 (i have heavily patched it to make it decently usable as a working environment, modified rom, poseidon in flash, power windows in flash) and 3.1.

from a user perspective, i dont care so much if the code is shared or not, same as in case aros vs amiga os. it simply should work and enable to use given software. and on my encounter improving os3 and trying to port software to it i recognized that there are limits impossible or almost impossible to overcome patching it. not only because the source wasnt available, but also because of the level of complication and the logistics of maintenance. that was my reason why i turned to aros as it become feasible to run it on amiga. as i previosly stated im not particularly interested in anything that doesnt run on an amiga (be it arosx86, os4 or morphos), but it is my own bias.
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