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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
OS 3.9 with Workbench loaded eats 2,1 megabytes. What features does AROS have that OS 3.9 doesn't?
as you see the additional requirement in comparison to isnt that big 3.9, especially keeping in mind that wanderer loads the whole skinning system along with the default skin (can be disabled), the backround graphics and so on. keep in mind that cpu requirements are the same (or on aros even lower) as os3.9 needs 68020.

its hard to go into detail in features, we could do a detailed one somewehre else. aros with its default desktop/filemanager wanderer (i dont like it too much, as well as the default huge icon set) is rather comparable to os4 workbench or probably morphos ambient rather than to 3.9. however the memory requirements of fully booted system remain ten times (!!) lower than os4 for instance (7mb vs 70mb, doesnt it say something?). it would be better to know what is important to you, since i have always had an impression that 3.9 is a cosmetic update in comparison to 3.1 anyway.

Does Workbook have the features of Workbench 3.9?
i dont think so. its rather minimalistic and unfinished. it was planned to fin onto a floppy, so id rather really compare it with a 3.1 workbench. but it doesnt need mui/zune and it should be able to display your png icons nevertheless i think.

anyway on aros you have a choice of desktop. you can run 68k magellan as olaf does. you can take default wanderer or choose scalos from the contributions volume, which i prefer, albeit i dont get to running it that much, because im rather concerned with testing and helping developers elsewhere.

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