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Novelty value of remakes come from the fact that they are upgraded to a better hardware than the one they were originally intended for.
We are talking about 10 years old hardware here, so consider the following...

Suppose you are a dissatisfied Amiga user, your platform has not seen much activity for years, but you were there in its heyday and enjoyed every moment of it.
You are fed up with PC ports, what now haunts your platform, though it is possible you can even only run those at framerates and resolutions that were fashionable on pc games half a decade ago...
Then some group suddenly does something wonderful: a new classic Amiga game is born!
You rush to download - man, it's free! - grab it, fire your amiga up, and... hurray, it's Sonic...
Been there, done that... you see you were into one of the best game machines of its time and if you wanted to play Sonic or Mario, you'd had bought it in the shop.
Nevertheless, if you were interested to the slightest you did play it then, and there is nothing more here on offer now, a decade later. What a sorrow disappointment.
Or you were not interested at all: then chances are you couldn't care less now.
Man, it's unbelievable that those guys who spent months if not years of their life creating something wonderful for a mostly abandoned platform decided to spend man years copying a game.
What an utter waste of talent...

Ok, let's see Chu-Chu:
if you want to play it, you go to a shop and buy it. That simple. Or if you really can't buy it download it from somewhere, burn it, flash it whatever.
Nothing novel, no 3d or pseudo 3d effects to be done like on the GBA or DC, so you can't improve on it and the game play had been right in the first place.
Good bye Chu-Chu...

Golden Axe: wow! If you hadn't played it to death on the arcade, you certainly did on your consoles. If you had not, better download mame and enjoy the second best to the Real Thing (tm)

Some snes crap: hurray I don't have to run it on an emulator. Great...
Goodbye snes crap...

These are a bit exagerrated examples, but the point they show is very easy to understand: for people starving for original games, or at least something that is not commonly and already available to not to disappoint them and not waste your and a bunch of other people's time and the users' only hope: just do something original.
As Galahad said: you don't have to start it big, you will fail that anyway. But certainly you can come up with something much better on your own, then copying existing games.
If you can't: you have a problem that should be resolved before doing anything.

I want to play this game on my Real Amiga (tm) and possibly thousands of people would want to do the same. But if is just a port - I couldn't care less whether it is a SNES, MGD, DC, GBA or PC port - I won't be bothered, just be very, very disappointed on all the talent and time wasted on something that could have been a very original and excellent project.

If you absolutely must copy an existing game do a remake of something nice, not widely available for a more modern hardware (in that regard sms, c64, nes, spectrum, bbc, etc based games are the only ones that you could really improve upon).
However I don't know of any law in the universe that enforces Amiga gamers to ever play only shit ports no matter what system gets ported, if such a law exists and must be obeyed by this project we are "Doom"ed indeed
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