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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
Su AFA OS small video MPG1 seen discreetly, not seen instead the videos in MPG2 or other formats.

HERE you can download video test format MPG1
Nice screenshot. I actually never tested on AROS. MPEG-2 support is not planned right now. While the video coding is not much different (just minor changes in the bitstream syntax), MPEG-2 brings to points that keep me from implementing it:
a) typical MPEG-2 files have a higher resolution and bitrate than any 68k derivate can handle right now
b) Interlace is a mandatory feature in MPEG-2 towards which I don't have much love.

May I ask a favor? I'd be interested whether PIP mode is operational. If I read correctly, you have a Picasso-IV at your disposal. That card offers two video modes supported by the original RiVA which I could not test, display=accupak and display=pip (as commandline arguments).
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