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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Thanks for reopening prowler. This could be a useful thread.

I have trouble with RiVA v0.52 on my 3000T CSMK3 68060@75MHz with Mediator+Voodoo 4. The AmigaOS 3.9 P96 screen mode is 16 bit 565 "PC" LE. Workbench windows and PIP only give a grey screen but audio plays. I noticed no instability. The verbose fps is much higher than it should be so it acts like it is skipping part of the normal (rendering?) process. Is anyone else having this problem?

I did some benchmarks and (SIMD related) comparisons but had to do more estimating than I would have like in the following thread.

Did you try the new version of RiVA? How does it work on your 020/030 Amiga?

It should be fairly easy to keep it compatible with 68020-68030+6888x (and 68040) if the old version is.
My apologies for not getting back into EAB earlier. I've got an idea why the windowed mode does not work in some configurations. Please try a test build: (changed WRENDER_DIRECT to 0) I've experimented with direct drawing to the window and while it worked on my setups as intended, undesired side effects sure are a possibility. Sadly, the much needed PIP is not widely available to Amiga users.

RiVA as released on Aminet does work on 68020/30. Originally, I aligned the framebuffers and re-implemented the zero vector Motion Compensation (16x16 block copy) by Move16, which is 68040+. This got changed back at some point (not by me). As a consequence, it's a small bit slower on 040+ but still supports the older CPUs.

One display mode not available to the current 68k build is RGB24. (BGR24 is supported).
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