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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
aros needs some 1.5mb ram to boot without styrtup sequence and some 6.5mb to boot to full wanderer.

hint: how does that compare to the requirements of the genuine amiga systems with less features, such as os3.9? or even how does that compare to os4 requirements?
OS 3.9 with Workbench loaded eats 2,1 megabytes. What features does AROS have that OS 3.9 doesn't?

Originally Posted by wawa
nevertheless if you insist, there is a simple replacement for full fledged desktop in aros system dir. its called workbook. it is aimed at floppies and low end systems. it is just not ready, but i hear some people are using it anyway.
Does Workbook have the features of Workbench 3.9?
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