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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
If AROS doesn't have all the functionality of AmigaOS 3.9 then switching to it would be a downgrade in some ways to Minuous, me and other AmigaOS 3.9 users. Add that to the downgrade in performance and AROS is not as appealing of an AmigaOS "alternative". I'm not knocking AROS but it is what it is. AROS does have other functionality and benefits which may offset this but it is still a downgrade in some ways. Adoption hurdles are an important consideration if you want people to give up on AmigaOS 3.x and switch to the open source AROS. Don't underestimate the importance of compatibility, especially with little new 68k software.
That's fair enough. I hope nobody's saying AROS is perfect - the 68k version especially. It's ok to admit faults, but some people like Minuous use this "OS 3.1 clone" thing as a convenient lie to undermine and denigrate AROS's achievements.

Anyone who's seen the recent screenshots of SMP on AROS and still writes that the AROS team have failed to reach OS 3.5 level cannot be acting in good faith, surely?
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