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Hi Clebin,

Sad/disappointing - agreed. In terms of the sticker prototype/not for resale - that was something that they acknowledged after sale. That is to say it does not mention that the device is a prototype (anywhere) at the point of sale and via their shop (at least as of a few or so ago). But they said that is exactly what it is meant to be - a prototype and a device in development.

Simply put, that's a huge disconnect in messaging. The value proposition, that is to say, what is being advertised and what they were selling is not the same thing. At least that was the case upto a few weeks ago - unless they have updated the site/shop.

From the conversation I had with them and the research that I did, it would seem as though they inadvertently or mistakenly dropped all reference to on going development and prototype when they moved from the indiegogo kickstarter-esque campaign to their own website. They have wanted to present the device in a nice way, but in doing so they have inadvertently misled people. I put this to them in correspondance and they agreed with this summation.

In terms of whether the device I had was a one off with problems or reflective of all devices...

A lot of the problems I put to them were eventually acknowledged in correspondance and/or other customers corroborated the same issues. The number and scale of the problems here are numerous and significant. From working in the games industry and my experience their I would deem this to be at an Alpha stage of development as a project. Not being funny (at all, your questioning is genuine and makes sense) but I am far too experienced to just take one unit and base all comments off of that - that isn't what i've done. I was a tester for Sony, a lead tester and designer for Eidos and designer for Gremlin and I ended up as a corporate whore/senior computer software producer for various companies...sodding which lol...

Do they have the funds to move this product forward and get it where it needs to be?

Hard to say, but I would be very worried for any of their customers. I would be concerned about the project running out of cash. I would also be concerned as to whether they have enough control and understanding when it comes to the hardware and the software elements which have not been created by them - cubieboard2 and UAE respectively. You're quite right about the latter, that is exactly what they are doing from my understanding.

The sad thing in all this is that I did get the impression that they are genuine people, genuine enthusiasts and that they have been trying to bring about something to be proud of that works. In one sense I hope that they progress, for their sake, that of their customers etc. Nobody wants anyones genuines hard work to come to naught or not work out. At the same time, I couldn't in good concience not tell people what they are likely walking into at the present time should they decide to buy. If they change the website and make it clear that this is a prototype and in early development and people still wish to buy-in, with the view of being part of a project, helping to bring it to fruition with bug reporting and feedback etc - I think that's completely different. I'm sure some people are interested in that type of thing - to such people and those behind the project, i'd say good luck.

It certainly wasn't for me though. I was very disappointed given the expectations that I came into this with - on the back of the advertised proposition.

You wondered what the appeal was? I think for some people, myself included, it was the idea of HDMI out connection and all the differing filter options in a conveniently small matchbox that had a claimed - very high compatibility in terms of games and pads in a small form factor. You only have to look at the cost of options when it comes to hooking up an actual Amiga to a modern LED TV via HDMI, to see the potential worth of that to some. With the slightly larger model the floppy drive also claimed that it would allow users to back up their own floppies - again with the convenience of the form factor. The latter is not something you can do with a Rasberry Pi and both versions claimed to have an altered version of UAE that afforded smooth running and that high compatability level.

Clearly I am not trying to sell you or anyone else on the device! lol. I am just saying that if it worked as advertised - well you can see the appeal for some.

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