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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
Yes, AROS 68K will run most OS3.1 apps, and also most OS3.5/3.9 apps if the relevant missing bits from AmigaOS 3.9 are copied over.

But the thread is about how to open source AmigaOS. OS3.1 has already been leaked, so OS3.5 and later are what now needs to be open sourced. AROS intends to be limited to OS3.1 plus some AROS-only extensions. I don't see how that will help with open sourcing AmigaOS; like I said before the OS3.9/4 source has to be purchased from H&P/Hyperion, recreated by decompilation or rewritten from scratch.
3.1 is leaked but nobody can do something with it, at least not legal and in public

the sources are open in a way but it is not "open source"

3.5 and 3.9 is a mixture of H&P and third-party developments that later was licensed and integrated in 4.X. I do not know the contracts between Hyperion and those developers but I assume that Hyperion is not very intereted in it. And Mr. Haage (from my last contacts) is not "very" interested in amiga stuff anymore to say it politely

If you really think there is a chance go for it

you can contact Mr. Haage easily

the third-party developers who contributed to 3.5 and 3.9 should be somewhere in documentation
a number of them even still active on the different platforms. Contact them and ask them if they would open source their software

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