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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
I answered that in the post directed at you. Its about the convenience of building on something already present in so many users Amigas..
in oreder to improve "what is present in so many peoples amigas" you would have to recompile it first. same as aros. then you would have to find a way to deliver replacement roms or make your system softkick on old ones (only from drives accessible by the genuine kicksart). same as aros..

you want to build on 3.x foundation no matter what, for sentiment reasons. then say it. dont try to invent technical execuses.

If no one wants to merge, then fine. The 3.x branch would stand on its own feet just fine.
you will have to refraiun to gray zone of half-legality and asm patching paricular binaries and libs by hand to gain some 1% speedup as it is already done now on this very forum among others.

its surely not on us who wont cooperate.

I'm not exactly sure how your thinking goes..
exactly like you say, you estimate the numbers of users upon some amiga map. which proves procentually all amigalike-ng flavours suffer the same low frequency.

genuine amiga will always be most numerous. maybe vampire will become more popular than the others. i hope so.

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